Fiera di Roma: For people of all sizes?


I've been to the Roman Convention Center (Fiera di Roma) twice, and it couldn't have been more different.
The first time it was still in its previous location, more central than now, a bit shabby, and almost intimate in style. Even the guest of honour couldn't make it glamorous (full details here), but at least you got the feeling that it was made and sized for people.
The old venue: made for people of all sizes.
The second time was in its new location, between the city and the airport: a ginormous (for Roman standards) exposition place, thousands and thousands of parking spaces (all empty), dozens of halls (equally empty), and endless connecting corridors (you might have guessed it: empty as well).
The new venue: can you spot the 
people at the far end of the walkway?
One of my co-visitors commented that it must have been designed by somebody on LSD. I tend to agree, even though I guess it must have been crack-cocaine - the use of LSD would have at least made it more colourful.