HOWTO: Turn a Mac into a TiVo

Well, almost - the Mac will be equipped to automatically identify and download new episodes of TV shows. It will not automatically download content it thinks you like (and thus spare you the benefits of TiVo-like insights into your own personality).

Two pieces of software are needed; what follows is a step-by-step guide on how to set them up properly.

Note: It is assumed that your downloads folder is called "Downloads". If it has a different name, substitute the correct folder wherever required.

1) Download and install Tranmission:

2) Launch Transmission and edit the preferences: Tranmission->Preferences.

Under the Transfers->Management tab, change the following:

- Set the Default location to "Downloads";

- Enable "Trash original torrent files";

- Disable "Display 'adding transfer' options window.

Under the Peers tab, change the following:

- Set "Global maximum connections" to 100;

- Set "Maximum connections for new transfers" to 40;

- Press the Blocklist "Update" button;

- Enable "Prevent known bad peers from connecting";

- Enable "Automatically update weekly";

3) Close Transmission.

4) Download and install TVShows: (the download link is in the lower right corner).

5) Launch TVShows and choose some subscriptions.

Done! Whenever a new episode of your chosen subscriptions is available, Transmission will launch and download the episode.

TVShows will run in the background all the time, even after the computer is restarted. No need to do anything there.

Tranmission on the other hand has to run to download new episodes; it can be stopped and restarted though (e.g. if you reboot the computer, just launch Transmission and it will pick up wherever it was).