Heil Honey

One of the weirder examples of British sense of humour is a sit-com produced in 1990, "Heil Honey, I'm home!". As the title implies, it contains scenes of the daily life of Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun. To add a little spice to it, they've got a Jewish couple as neighbours.
"I'm home!"
The first of the eight episodes which were produced features a psychotic parrot, Joe Goebbels who can't spell Neville Chamberlain's name when he picks him up at the airport and Chamberlain telling the "naughty Hitler" off - and of course lots of references to Poland and Czechoslovakia
Goebbels is an idiot.
The episode is 25 minutes long (get it here, 140MB). Unsurprisingly, BSkyB decided to cancel the show after this first episode was aired, and the remaining seven episodes have never been broadcast.
For a curious piece of American propaganda check out the "Nazi Donald Duck".