Night Test Ride

Six weeks after I ordered a cheap microcamera (thanks, bloody Italian postal system) it finally arrived - I immediately taped it to the front light of my bicycle and took it for a spin. This is the result:



Not bad at all for an $11 camera as small as a set of car keys - the only problems were the road conditions (bumpy roads, cobblestones) which made the picture jump like crazy, so I've edited out the worst bits.


The camera is a #6 type of the 808 model series; I got mine from Deal Extreme. If you plan on buying one, keep in mind that you usually cannot pick the type number - for me that's an acceptable risk to take for $11.

Italian postal system

Please don't write it's "bloody": as a matter of fact it's "fucking".

Keeping it at least a bit

Keeping it at least a bit civil doesn't offend our American friends too much (I hope).