A Leggjob City

Budapest is a blast: a nice and clean city, friendly people and a charmingly incomprehensible language (that is, to somebody with a Western European background). Spending a couple of days in the Hungarian capital is a splendid idea, and produces some mental flotsam & jetsam. Here's a selection of it:


Memento Park lies in the city's outskirts, but is well worth a bus ride. After all, statues and monuments of the Communist era cannot be left unvisited, especially if they are placed in a rather glum environment, which gives a perfect impression of a grey and not-so-wonderful past. Plus, as a bonus, there's a real Trabi to sit in.



Two cretins
Dancing with the birds. Two cretins (foreground).





Next to the usual tourist rubbish on sale (USSR passports, McCommunism t-shirts ant the like) there's also a very interesting-sounding DVD on display: "The Life of an Agent", a collage of instructional videos of the secret Hungarian police. It is supposed to make a good companion film to "The Lives of Others", and as such looks very promising.


Speaking of cinema, there's a theater on the inner ring road which features unusual but eye-catching posters - they are display windows made by hand. They've had these three on display (click to enlarge):





Black Swan poster Micmacs à tire-larigot poster Polanski retrospective poster

Black Swan, Micmacs, Polanski.




In conclusion have some random observations:

  • food is excellent in restaurants having to do / deriving from mensas;
  • the sound indicating a subway stop would make for a good ringtone;
  • if every single one of the 1'700'000 Budapesters visits a bath for two hours every month, the average occupancy of a single bath at any given moment should be around 730 people - which seems to be in line with direct observation;
  • Reka is a champion for providing useful tips :-)
  • "a leggjob" has nothing to do with nose- (or other) jobs, but is simply a homophone for "the best".



The sun always shines in Budapest.


For a more traditional approach to travel photography, try this photo gallery. And last but not least, you might find this list of common expressions in Hungarian (complete with their pronounciations) useful.

Incomprehensible language

It is that even for people with an Eastern European background. :)