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Is acupuncture effective?


There is (of course) one big problem with assessing the effectiveness of acupuncture, and that is the near impossibility to do double blind tests (where both doctors and patients don't know if they're giving/receiving real thing or placebo), as it is difficult to fake acupuncture - well, up to a certain point at least, one can always put the needles in the wrong place (see "acupuncture for migraine prophylaxis" below for an example).


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Overtaking Lorries

Is it dangerous to overtake a truck?


People often are intimidated by the big trucks on highways, and get queasy when being next to one in the other lane. After all, the odds of a regular passenger car are small when the going gets tough.

On the other hand truck drivers have more experience behind the wheel than folks whose job does not include driving, and thus should be better prepared to handle a vehicle.

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