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Lago Albano to Pyramid

Driving back to Rome from Agnese International at Lago Albano after lunch.

During the half-hour ride dusk falls; even though it looks like night has fallen when turning onto Appia Pignatelli this is not the case, it's just the trees (and later on the walls of Appia Antica) which shield the faint sunlight.

Also note the rush hour traffic in the other direction.

Download HD version:

Pyramid to St. Peter

This is still early stages of exploring the possibilities of the 808 car key micro camera; this little film gives a bit of insight, among which:

  • it works well even inside the car (the window isn't that much of a bother)
  • it would be preferable to clean the window prior to filming
  • it's easy to edit out the dull bits of standing still at traffic lights

Download HD version:

Cena tra Amici III - Scontro tra culture


Questo breve video racconta la storia di una coppia svizzera che invita amici italiani per cena, e le successive difficoltà di sintonizzazione temporale.

Come dimostra l'invito gli ospiti si sono già adeguati alle usanze italiane indicando un arco di tempo e non un'ora precisa; ciò non impedisce alla gente di presentarsi quando le pare.


Dinner with Friends III - Culture Clash

This short video tells the story of a Swiss couple inviting Italian friends for dinner, and the timing difficulties that have arisen by it.

As can be seen from the invitation, the host has already adapted to Italian customs by not indicating an exact time; this does not prevent people showing up whenever they want, though.


Italian version.

The Village

A terrible "vacation" in Roccaraso as explained by Tony Tammaro - Roccaraso has been totally destroyed in World War II (it was on the Gustav line, best known for staging the battle of Monte Cassino), and has subsequently been rebuilt. This, unfortunately, is now very visible; in winter probably less so, when it disappears under the snow, but in summer it visually hurts.

Better to go to the town next to it (visible in the background), Rivisondoli, and stop at the Taverna del Tarasacco for a great meal.

Dance & Run II

The second installment of dancing cranes and running trains.

Overlooking Stazione Ostiense in Rome, this piece is set to Wolverine Blues by Jelly Roll Morton.

A Day In Life I

This is, if I recall correctly, the first timelapse I did of a whole day, from early in the morning till late at night (when the batteries in the camera ran out).

Set to "Duel in the Mirror Cabinet" by Ennio Morricone, featured in "My Name is Nobody" (since we were talking about this film that evening) with Izumi & Andreas.

Fuck Dub

An evening in a courtyard in Rome.

This piece was the first to be set in late autumn at the end of an afternoon, and inspired Blinkenlights I and Blinkenlights II.

Dinner with Friends IV

Dinner with Anne, Marilena, Christine, Claudio and Fabio in Trastevere.

It sounded like a good idea to have MC Einar doing the soundtrack.

Dinner with Friends V

Dinner with Christine, Andreas, Valeria, Francesco & Bettina - which is hardly visible at all, so she got a special outline.

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