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Noon in Cool Valley

A shot straight down at Via Bossi, at around noon.

This calls for the pun on Chet Baker's "Night on Bop Mountain" - but it is also a shout-out to my father, as Chet is one of his heroes.

Tree Trimmer

A tree being trimmed on Piazzale Partigiani, Rome, Italy.

I had been working upstairs all morning, slightly irritated by an annoying sound, when my neighbour Johnny alerted me to what was going on on the other side of the train station. Only at that time I realized the source of the annoying sound, and was annoyed at myself that I didn't realize earlier what was going on - after all, a tree being cut is a marvelous theme for a timelapse video!

A Quiet Evening

A quiet evening on Piazzale Partigiani, Rome, Italy. Not much going on.

Cat Nap I

Our two cats, Chiocci & Telnette, during a nap. This clip is called "Cat Nap I" not because it was the first nap they ever took, but because it is the first I managed to capture in a decent way.

Christmas Carols

This is "Mercato Monti" at Via Leonina, held in a ground floor convention center of the ugliest hotel in the area. Fortunately the stuff being peddled is what makes this place shine.

This is the first time that I've "adapted" the source material by letting it run in two directions: you will notice that time reverses itself in the middle of the clip.

Yes We ... colazione di natale

Christmas breakfast at Via Dandolo - this time with Barack, and bellimbusto.

The life-size poster was a hit, and "bellimbusto" took its turn to be properly discussed. We're not there yet.

Sleep II

Approximately 24 hours of creature sleep.

This wasn't easy to shoot, as it was either too dark (without flash) or there was too much contrast and too little cats (with flash). In the end I succeeded by putting up the camera after coming home rather late, and thus was able to capture the scene during daylight.

("Sleep I" does not exist anymore: it was a created over and over again with different input sources, to no avail.)

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