About This Site

This site is powered by Drupal, a powerful, flexible and fairly non-complex open source content management system. Drupal in turn runs on a LAMP stack provided by 1 & 1, an affordable web hoster.

More specifically it runs on Drupal 6, and makes use of the following modules:


What Why Comment
Token required by Pathauto  
Pathauto nice URLs To exclude accented characters from URLs rename modules/pathauto/i18n-ascii.example.txt to modules/pathauto/i18n-ascii.txt and enable the corresponding option in pathauto's configuration.
Administration Menu easy access to admin functions When modifying templates be sure to include "print $closure" at the end of template.php or it won't show up.
Google Analytics Statistics  
Friendconnect Let users log in with other accounts

Accounts supported by Friendconnect: Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM, Netlog, OpenID.

The Friendconnect ID is available in the "Plugin/API" section of http://www.google.com/friendconnect/

Attention, this module is not hosted on drupal.org.

wysiwyg Editor Framework  
CKEditor Rich Text Editor  
IMCE-wysiwyg bridge Required by IMCE  
IMCE Image editor Basically used to enable "browse server" field (including file upload functionality) in CKEditor - there surely must be a better way for to enable this?
Views Custom lists For example, the article or timelapse lists - or the boxes on the frontpage.
Advanced Help RecommendedbyViews Handy for getting started with Views
CCK Create fields in custom content types  
TranslateThis Button Instantly translate pages Support 36 languages via Google Translate
Subscriptions Let users get email alerts upon creation of new content  
Blogger Importer Article import Part of this site was previously hosted on Blogspot. Blogger Importer proved very handy in migrating those items.
Multiping Announce new content More granular than the ping core module, as it allows certain content types to be excluded from pings
Global Redirect Only one URL per node Seems to help with SEO


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