Let It Snow

At least once I would like to see snow falling into the cupola of the Pantheon. The first two times I had the chance were a total disaster: the first time I was so excited to see snow in Rome that I completely forgot about the Pantheon. The second time we got into the car as soon as the first snowflakes fell, only to be stuck in traffic (not even two kilometers in 40 minutes) literally until it melted again.

So when it started snowing today, we immediately jumped onto our bicycles and hurried towards the Pantheon. But not before the 808 mini camera was taped to Christine's helmet - this is the result (note the non-chalance of the woman at 1:35):




P.S: Needless to say, it snowed so little that there was absolutely nothing to be seen in the Pantheon - maybe we have better luck next time.